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Experts in Automatic Doors

A-United Automatic Doors & Glass has recently expanded our services to offer automatic door installation and commercial door repair in Kearney, NE.

We understand a well-working door makes the best first impression for your business. It’s not always the first thing your customers notice, but it’s always on our minds. So ensure your business’ success the minute your customers walk in.

We Install, Repair, and Service:

Commercial automatic sliding doors

Commercial automatic swing doors

Commercial manual doors


Revolving doors

Portal doors

Speed lanes

ICU sliding doors

Touchless activation devices

Commercial door hardware

Commercial glass

Security door hardware

Drive-thru windows

Safety and security windows


The History of A-United Automatic Doors & Glass

A-United Automatic Doors and Glass had a humble start when it was founded by Jim and T.J. Hannum in 1997. Back then, it was called A-United Glass and Construction. No more than 7 years later, they had cornered the market in the automatic door industry.

As a result of years of hard work and consistent customer satisfaction, they were recognized by Stanley Access Technologies and granted a distributorship. They were recognized as experts in the supply, installation, and service of Stanley automatic doors. In 2004, Jim and T.J. decided to expand their services to all types of automatic doors, so they changed their name to A-United Automatic Doors & Glass.

Our Partners

A-United proudly partners with these companies in order to keep providing the quality our customers expect from us.

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Mission Statement

A-United Automatic Doors & Glass considers you first in all the work we do. That’s why, for every decision we make, we ensure great service and expert handiwork.


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Windows Installed

Our Company Values


Our work speaks for itself. We use only the best products and parts for sturdy, efficient entryway systems that you can rely on.


Our work is known for its quality. We pride ourselves on providing great service and top-of-the-line products. We value our customers, so we give them services they can rely on.


Since A-United is family-owned and operated, we will always stay committed to serving and maintaining the Nebraska communities that rely on our expertise.

Why Automatic Doors?

When you choose an automatic door, that becomes the first thing your customers interact with. They might not think about it, but they will no doubt associate your business with ease and accessibility. It becomes a seamless way to direct traffic that doesn’t get in the way or cause a struggle like a manual door. Because we offer so many options, finishes, sizes, and builds, we can always find the perfect door to represent your business to the public.

Who We Serve

Though we started in Omaha, A-United handles installation, maintenance, and commercial door repair in Kearney, NE. We can do handicap (ADA-compliant) doors, security doors, glass, and storefronts. We’ve installed doors in schools, hospitals, and businesses of all types across the Midwest.

Who We Serve

Our Process

At A-United Automatic Doors & Glass, quality services are always our top priority. Correct installation means fewer repairs, less maintenance, and lower costs in the long run.

When you need commercial door repair in Kearney, NE, you need to call A-United. We’re always thinking about you, our customers, so we make sure we’re putting out quality work and great customer service before anything else.

The A-United Golf Classic

A-United partners with local businesses to raise money and help families battling cancer. Each year we set a new fundraising goal to benefit the Scare Away Cancer Foundation. We hope you’ll join us on the green—along with our donors, players, and sponsors—for a good cause!

Golf Classic Fundraiser

Meet Our Expert Technicians

We’ve got the most AAADM-certified technicians on any team in Nebraska. They’re dependable, driven, and they’re the reason we’re so good at what we do.

Meet Our Team

Work for A-United

Working for A-United is a great way to get the training you need to be a service expert. If you’re interested in working on commercial doors in Kearney, Omaha, or the surrounding regions, visit our careers page for information on our available positions, and apply to join our team.

Careers & Training

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Satisfied Customers

Our approach is all about doing things the right way - our relationship with Sports Authority is all about that. A-United works with companies to pick the right door and stays a trusted servicing partner to ensure customers never have to worry about a thing.

We collaborated with Sports Authority on an innovative project to install state-of-the-art automatic doors at their facilities, ensuring seamless entry and exit experiences for their customers. Our team integrated advanced sensor technology and sleek design to enhance accessibility and convenience throughout their stores.

... Read More

Door Type

Sliding Door


Sports Authority


Omaha, NE

Satisfied Customers

We work with companies of all sizes and contexts to deliver the right solution in the right context.

We partnered with Walmart on a project to install cutting-edge automatic doors in their stores, enhancing customer entry and exit experiences. Our team integrated advanced sensor technology and modern design elements to improve accessibility and convenience throughout their retail locations.

... Read More

Door Type

Sliding Door




Omaha, NE

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