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Automatic Door Installation

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Quality and Efficient Installation

An overwhelming majority of consumers prefer businesses that have automatic doors. Whether you’re replacing an old door or it’s your first time getting one installed, you’ll want to consult technicians who can handle your project.

As an AAADM-certified automatic service company, A-United Automatic Doors & Glass specializes in all your commercial pedestrian door installation projects. Our technicians are experts in automatic door installation in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

Our Process

The Installation Process

Who We Serve

A-United Automatic Doors & Glass specializes in automatic doors of all shapes and sizes, including commercial storefronts, ADA doors, and more.

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Commercial Stores

Swing doors, revolving doors, and combinations are unbeatable when it comes to modernizing your storefront. We’re a certified distributor of the number one selling doors in America.

Medical Buildings

Automatic sliding doors with touch-less activation are a must in many hospitals, medical office buildings, and healthcare facilities as they increase accessibility and safety.


Safety and security are prominent concerns when it comes to school entrances. Automatic doors can also help handle heavy flows of traffic during morning arrivals and departures.

Omaha’s Experts in Automatic Door Installation

Our company has decades of experience in automatic door installation and service.


A-United Automatic Doors & Glass has the most AAADM-certified technicians in the region. Other technicians travel to receive their education with us.


We install, repair, and replace all makes and models of automatic doors, covering the gamut of automatic door services.

24-Hour Response Time

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, our team boasts a 24-hour response time and can often provide same-day service.

Why Automatic Doors?

An automatic door entrance eliminates the struggle and frustration associated with opening a heavy manual door. It immediately demonstrates to users that the establishment cares about their convenience.

When a customer or other user enters a building through an automatic door, they instantly know the business is state-of-the-art. Moreover, with so many different colors, finishes, and designs to select from, an automatic door can easily enhance a business’s unique style.

Satisfied Customers

Our approach is all about doing things the right way - our relationship with Sports Authority is all about that. A-United works with companies to pick the right door and stays a trusted servicing partner to ensure customers never have to worry about a thing.

We collaborated with Sports Authority on an innovative project to install state-of-the-art automatic doors at their facilities, ensuring seamless entry and exit experiences for their customers. Our team integrated advanced sensor technology and sleek design to enhance accessibility and convenience throughout their stores.

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Sliding Door


Sports Authority


Omaha, NE

Satisfied Customers

We work with companies of all sizes and contexts to deliver the right solution in the right context.

We partnered with Walmart on a project to install cutting-edge automatic doors in their stores, enhancing customer entry and exit experiences. Our team integrated advanced sensor technology and modern design elements to improve accessibility and convenience throughout their retail locations.

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Sliding Door




Omaha, NE

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About A-United Automatic Doors & Glass

​A-United Automatic Doors & Glass in Omaha, Nebraska, is a family-owned company with 3 generations of experience in glazing and commercial automatics. Since the beginning, we’ve established ourselves as experts in the industry, earning a distributorship from Stanley Access Technologies and other nationally recognized companies. Now we service the whole state of Nebraska, western Iowa, and some of South Dakota.


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