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Extended Warranty Maintenance

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Extended Warranty Maintenance Plans

When you get a door installation from A-United Automatic Doors and Glass, we also offer extended warranty maintenance plans. This may seem like an unnecessary expense but in the long run, it saves money. It reduces the need for costly repairs and early replacements due to heavy usage, weather, or accidents. When you need sliding doors, portal doors, door hardware, or revolving door maintenance in Omaha, call A-United.

Why Get Regular Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance can catch early problems with your automatic door before they become more expensive fixes. Our preventative maintenance plans catch these problems, saving you money.

It prevents:

broken sensors

broken and warped tracks

loose rollers


air leakage

sticking due to rust

bent or broken hinges

loosened gears

mechanical failure due to wear

electrical failure

broken glass due to shifting

sticking locks

misalignment due to shifting foundations

broken springs

keyless entry failure

unsightly warping and weathering damage

snapped power assist cables

We Provide Maintenance for All Automatic Doors

Service Is A-United’s Top Priority

A-United Automatic Doors and Glass has the largest group of AAADM-Certified technicians in Nebraska. Our employees aren’t just getting continuous training, technicians from all across the region come to us to get their training and experience.

Experts in Automatic Door Maintenance

Our company has decades of experience in automatic door installation and service.


A-United Automatic Doors & Glass has the most AAADM-certified technicians in the region. Other technicians travel to receive their education with us.


We install, repair, and replace all makes and models of automatic doors, covering the gamut of automatic door services.

24-Hour Response Time

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, our team boasts a 24-hour response time and can often provide same-day service.

Satisfied Customers

Our approach is all about doing things the right way - our relationship with Sports Authority is all about that. A-United works with companies to pick the right door and stays a trusted servicing partner to ensure customers never have to worry about a thing.

We collaborated with Sports Authority on an innovative project to install state-of-the-art automatic doors at their facilities, ensuring seamless entry and exit experiences for their customers. Our team integrated advanced sensor technology and sleek design to enhance accessibility and convenience throughout their stores.

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Sliding Door


Sports Authority


Omaha, NE

Satisfied Customers

We work with companies of all sizes and contexts to deliver the right solution in the right context.

We partnered with Walmart on a project to install cutting-edge automatic doors in their stores, enhancing customer entry and exit experiences. Our team integrated advanced sensor technology and modern design elements to improve accessibility and convenience throughout their retail locations.

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Sliding Door




Omaha, NE

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Looking for revolving door maintenance in Omaha? Call A-United.

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About A-United

A-United has been nationally recognized by the AAADM and Stanley Access Technologies.

We are able to repair service and install all makes and models of automatic doors. We also provide commercial storefront and glazing services. We are family-owned and operate in Omaha, Nebraska as well as the surrounding region.


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